Crunchy cookies


Group Weight / Volume
Go Cookies 500 g
Flour “cake type” 350 g
Butter 99% 380 g
Eggs 150 g


    Add Go Cookies, eggs and butter and mix with the flat beater at the fast speed for 1-1,5 minutes. Start mixing at the slow speed.

    Add the flour and mix for ½ minute at the medium speed.

    Add one of the following variations and mix either by hand or using the mixer.

    •  180 – 200 g grated walnuts and 3 gr cinnamon
    •  150 – 200 g grated pistachio
    •  120 g roasted grated almonds

    Cut in the preferred shape and put the cookies in a tray lined with a baking paper.

    Bake at 195°C for 9 – 11 minutes.

Crunchy cookies