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Sponge Cake

With excellent taste and high end performance! - Genoise


Group Weight / Volume Product
Genoise 2.250 gr Basic Α'
Eggs 1.700 gr
Water 200 - 300 gr
Genoise 2.000 gr Basic Β'
Eggs 1.600 gr
Water 250 - 300 gr
Genoise 2.250 gr "Fluffy"
Eggs 1.600 gr
Water 400 - 450 gr
Genoise 2.250 gr "Dense"
Eggs 1.400 gr
Water 350 - 400 gr


Mix all the ingredients together with the wire whip at low speed for a while and then at high speed for 8 minutes (fast mixer) or 10 minutes (slow mixer). Mix until you get a perfect and fluffy dough consistency.

Pour the mixture into preferable molds or trays, filling them up to 2/3, making sure not to allow air bubbles in the mixture while it is spread.

Bake at 180OC for 30 minutes (if you are using molds) or 45-50 minutes (if you are using 50x70 cm baking trays).

More information

The mixing duration should not exceed 10 minutes. In some cases (fast mixers) the mixture might be ready after 6 minutes of mixing.

Sponge Cake



Mix for the preparation of sponge cake with dense structure. Available in white, cocoa and chocolate flavor.