Cake Cake

Mama's Choco Cake

Versatile mix for the preparation of chocolate cakes with homemade taste and endless applications.

How to use

Requires only the addition of water and oil.


Product Weight / Volume
Mama's Choco Cake Paper bag 15kg
Mama's Choco Cake Paper bag 25kg
Mama's Choco Cake


Chocolate Cake

Mama's Choco Cake - Chocolate cake that requires only the addition of oil and water.

Chocolate Cookies

Mama's Choco Cake - Chcocolate cookies, add chocolate drops for an extra treat.

Chocolate Coconut Cake 

Mama's Choco Cake - chocolate cake filled with bake stable coconut filling that requires only the addition of water.

New Year's Day Chocolate Cake 

Mama's Choco Cake - a traditional New Year's Day chocolate cake (aka Greek “Vasilopita”) with plums and walnuts.

Halloween Layered Cake

Mama's Choco Cake - Halloween Special! Chocolate Layered Cake with buttercream and orange colored sugar paste.