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Ganache Water-Based Fillings

Ideal for pastry applications, macarons & praline fillings.


Group Weight / Volume Product
Milk 150 gr Ganache Salty Caramel
Fine Cream Salty Caramel 225 gr Ganache Salty Caramel
Arabesque Milk 150 gr Ganache Salty Caramel
Milk 150 gr Ganache Chocolate Hazelnut
Fine Cream Chocolate Hazelnut 225 gr Ganache Chocolate Hazelnut
Arabesque Dark 90 gr Ganache Chocolate Hazelnut
Milk 150 gr Ganache Vaniglia
Fine Cream Fresh Dairy 225 gr Ganache Vaniglia
Vaniglia Bourbon (paste) 2 gr Ganache Vaniglia
Arabesque White 230 gr Ganache Vaniglia


Βoil the milk, pour it into chocolate and let it rest for 2 minutes. Add the Fine Cream, and mix using a pimmer at slow speed, until you get a homogenous texture. Cover tightly with a thin plastic film, let it cool down in the fridge, and use the next day.

Ganache Water-Based Fillings


Macaron Mix

Mix in powder form for the preparation of authentic French macarons.