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Premium Chocolate Couverture

Basil Truffles

Arabesque White 30% - Basil truffles, a touch of Mediterranean.

Cherry Marzipan Pralines

Arabesque White 30% - Cherry Marzipan Pralines, a treat for any marzipan lover.

Cumin Curry Pralines

Arabesque Milk 34% - Cumin Curry Pralines with a distinctive spicy-sweet aroma.

Forest Fruit Pralines

Arabesque Milk 34% - Forest Fruit Pralines, enjoy the intensity of forest fruit.

Ganache Fruitful

Ideal for pastry applications, macarons & praline fillings. - Arabesque

Ganache Water-Based Fillings

Ideal for pastry applications, macarons & praline fillings.

Ginger Truffles

Arabesque Milk 34% - Ginger truffles, give your chocolate a heady depth of ginger flavor.

Honey Candybar

Arabesque Dark 70% - Honey candybar, honey flavored chewy chocolate bars.

Jamaican Pepper Pralines

Arabesque Milk 34% - Jamaican pepper pralines, a touch of Caribbean.

Lavender Truffles

Arabesque Milk 34% - Lavender Truffles, their lavender’s flavor really pops in the chocolate.

Matcha tea Truffles

Arabesque White 30% - Truffles with matcha tea, the perfect companion for either Arabesque White 30% or Arabesque Dark 60% chocolate.

Orange Caramel Praline

Arabesque White 30% - Orange Caramel Praline with smooth and chewy caramel induced in orange juice.