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Ginger Truffles

Arabesque Milk 34% - Ginger truffles, give your chocolate a heady depth of ginger flavor.


Group Weight / Volume
Casa Cream UHT 370 gr
Glucose syrup 66 gr
Arabesque Milk 34% 270 gr
Arabesque Dark 60% 260 gr
Butter 110 gr
Ginger flakes 50 gr
Ginger pieces 35 gr


Heat the whipping cream together with the ginger shavings at 40°C and then allow the mixture to rest for an hour.

Heat both chocolates at 45°C.

Heat the ginger cream at 50°C, strain it and then add the glucose syrup.

Blend everything together until you get a smooth ganache.

Fill the truffles with the ginger pieces.

Ginger Truffles


Arabesque Dark 60%

Dark chocolate couverture with a strong cocoa flavor and distinctive fluidity when melted.