Honey Candybar

Arabesque Dark 70% - Honey candybar, honey flavored chewy chocolate bars.


Group Weight / Volume
Casa Cream UHT 2.000 gr
Honey 2.000 gr
Roasted almonds shavings 1.000 gr
Candied fruit 1.500 gr
Pistachio kernels 250 gr
Arabesque Dark 70% 2.500 gr


    Boil the whipping cream together with the honey till 122°C.

    Toast the almonds together with the pistachio kernels and the candied fruit in the oven at 150°C.

    Add the warm nuts and candied fruit to the boiled honey cream and stir until completely blended.

    Line a 60x40 cm tray firstly with a parchment paper and then with a thin layer of Arabesque Dark 70% chocolate.

    Add the filling you have already made.

    Once it is set into a solid form, remove it from the tray and cut into 3x7 cm pieces.

    Finally, dip the candy bars into tempered Arabesque Dark 70% chocolate.

Honey Candybar

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Arabesque Dark 70%

Extra bitter chocolate couverture with distinctive fluidity when melted.