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Matcha tea Truffles

Arabesque White 30% - Truffles with matcha tea, the perfect companion for either Arabesque White 30% or Arabesque Dark 60% chocolate.


Group Weight / Volume
Arabesque White 30% 450 gr
Casa Cream UHT 250 gr
Glucose syrup 30 gr
Butter 20 gr
Matcha tea 3 gr
Sugar 5 gr
Water 12 gr
Arabesque Dark 60%


Mix the matcha tea together with the sugar and the water.

Heat the whipping cream together with the glucose syrup, add the Arabesque White 30% chocolate and mix until it is fully melted.

Add the butter and the matcha tea and mix until all ingredients are well blended together.

Cool in the fridge.

Form into shapes and sizes of your preference.

Dip the truffles into melted Arabesque Dark 60%.

Matcha tea Truffles


Arabesque Dark 60%

Dark chocolate couverture with a strong cocoa flavor and distinctive fluidity when melted.