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Minuta Choco

Black Forest

Minuta Choco - Black forest, a traditional combination of chocolate, cherries and cream.

Black Forest Flower Pot

A modern version of the famous dessert! - Minuta Choco

Bounty Gâteau

Minuta Choco - Bounty Gâteau, get a taste of a tropical chocolate and coconut bliss.

Choco Lover

Minuta Choco - "Choco Lover" dessert with a rich, creamy custard of deep chocolate flavour.

Chocolate Tart

Minuta Choco - Chocolate tart, baked and filled with gorgeous silky chocolate.

Cold Chocolate Custard Filling

Minuta Choco - Cold Process custard filling with chocolate flavor.


Minuta Choco - Profiterole, Choux à la crème.